Security Awareness Training Packet - General Use

The Security Awareness Trainingí«í_Packet comes complete with all the necessary documentation for training all employees and workforce members on critical information security issues, threats, concerns, and best practices. í«í_Security awareness training is a strict mandate for many industries today, so trust the experts at securitypoliciesonline.comí«í_for all your security awareness training needs with our comprehensive training packet that contains a detailed PowerPoint slide presentation (143 slides), in-depth security awareness training manual (68 pages), I.T. secure coding training checklist, employee tracking spreadsheet, along with a certificate of completion template. ItäóÁ—Ès an incredibly high-quality, easy-to-use training packet covering dozens of essential security topics, for both end-users and I.T. professionals. í«í_Price: ($249.99)í«í_

Why spend hundreds or thousands of dollars each year on expensive security awareness training - all thatäóÁ—Ès needed is the Security Awareness Training Packet from From just a few employees to a few thousand - or more - the Security Awareness Training Packet is a must-have for many industries when it comes to regulatory compliance. Additionally, your options for offering security awareness training are now greatly expanded - employees can view slides, or just read the security awareness manual - or possibly both - you decide!

Specifically, youäóÁ—Èll receive the following:

  • Comprehensive PowerPoint Slide Presentation.í«í_To be used for training all employees on general security awareness initiatives (Approximately 143 training slides).
  • In-Depth Security Awareness Training Manual.í«í_Complete with a signature acknowledgement form - to be given to each employee as a quick reference guide on important security issues (Approximately 68 pages long).
  • Security Awareness Secure Coding Training Checklist.í«í_A must-have document for any organization developing or offering web-based software products and services.
  • Employee Tracking Sheet.í«í_Excel template for effectively tracking all employee security awareness training initiatives, such as start date, completion, and more.
  • Certificate of Completion Template.í«í_To be awarded to each employee upon successfully viewing the PowerPoint slide presentation and reading the security awareness training manual.

Additional Information:

  • PowerPoint (PPT) Presentation:í«í_143 Slides.
  • Training Manual:í«í_68í«í_Pages.
  • Topics Covered:í«í_Dozens of sections and categories pertaining to security mandates and information security best practices.
  • Download Use:í«í_No limit!í«í_í«í_Use it for as many employees and workforce members as necessary, from 1 to 1,000, or more!í«í_í«í_

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