Risk Management All-in-One Package äóÁí_íÍ Information Security

The All-in-One Risk Management & Risk Assessment Template Packet äóÁí_íÍ Information Security, which is available for instant download, contains the following essential documentation for ensuring organizations undertake a comprehensive and thorough risk management process, one that yields significant findings and benefits.

Section I: í«í_Information Security Risk Management Policy and Procedures document: An incredibly detailed, well-written policy and procedures template developed by compliance experts consisting of the following information:í«í_

  • Subject Matter Covered: Risk Preparation, Various Elements of Risk (Compliance Risk, PII & PHI Risk, Reputation Risk, Strategic Risk, Operational Risk, Transaction Risk, Credit Risk, Country Risk, Information Technology Risk, Third Party Risk, Interest Rate Risk, Liquidity Risk, Legal Risk, Market Risk), Asset Inventory, Risk Assessment Personnel, Risk Assessment Methodology, Conducting the Risk Assessment (Current Controls in Place, Identifying Threats (Sources and Agents), Identifying Vulnerabilities, Description of Associated Risks, Determine the Likelihood, Determine the Impact, Determine Current Overall Risk Rating | Level of Risk), Risk Treatment Strategies, Risk Remediation Procedures, Risk Reporting, Documentation, Communicating, and Information Sharing, Continuous Monitoring.
  • Length: 15 pages
  • Format: Microsoft Word

Section II: í«í_Information Securityí«í_Risk Assessment Template: Comprehensive, easy-to-use, and navigate risk assessment template via Microsoft Excel consisting of the following information:

  • Subject Matter Covered: Tab 1: Risk Management Details, Tab 2: Information Security Risks, Tab 3: PII & PHI Risks, Tab 4: Cardholder Data Risks, Tab 5: Compliance Risks, Tab 6: Reputation Risks, Tab 7: Strategic Risks, Tab 8: Operational Risks, Tab 9: Transaction Risks, Tab 10: Credit Risks, Tab 11: Country Risks, Tab 12: Third Party Risks, Tab 13: Interest Rate Risk, Tab 14: Liquidity Risk, Tab 15: Legal Risk, Tab 16: Market Risk
  • Length: 16 Detailed Tabs on the Various elements and Types of Risk
  • Format: Microsoft Excel

Section III: í«í_Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning (BCDRP) document: No risk management framework is complete without a well-written, comprehensive, and in-depth Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning (BCDRP) document, one that details essential steps to undertaken in the event of a disaster. The industry leading, 52 page BCDRP manual from riskassessmenttemplate.org consists of the following information:

  • Subject Matter Covered: Critical Business Information, Business Continuity and Disaster Recover Planning (BCDRP) Personnel, Additional Personnel, Meeting Information, Potential Hazards, Critical Organizational Assets - Information Systems, Organizational Assets Matrix, Critical Organization Assets, Prioritization of Critical Applications and Data, Critical Organizational Assets äóÁí_íÍ Personnel, Critical Organizational Assets äóÁí_íÍ Facilities, Critical Organizational Assets, Equipment, Critical Organizational Assets, Other, Critical Operations, Critical Third Party Entities, Data Recovery Initiatives, Alternate Locations, Critical Recovery Location Supplies List, Miscellaneous Recovery Location Supplies List, Employees and Workforce Members Notification Procedures, Testing Procedures, Insurance Information, Appendix A: Emergency Mode Operation Plan, Appendix B: Testing and Revision Procedures, Appendix C: Applications and Data Criticality Analysis
  • Length: 52 pages
  • Format: Microsoft Word


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