Information Security Compliance Toolkit (ISCT)

The Information Security Compliance Toolkit (ISCT) is an incredibly in-depth, comprehensive set of information security, operational, and organizational policies, procedures, forms,provisioning and hardening documents, and other supporting templates for today's demanding businesses. í«í_Growing cyber-security threats and ever-increasing compliance mandates are forcing businesses to get serious about information security, and it's whey the Information Security Compliance Toolkit (ISCT) was created. í«í_Inside this professionally developed set of documents you'll find hundreds of high-quality, industry leading templates, ranging from essential security policy and procedural material, to in-depth system provisioning and hardening checklists, incident forms, user provisioning checklists, security training, and so much more. View the product data sheet to learn more about the Information Security Compliance Toolkit (ISCT) along with sample documents at the bottom of the page. Price:í«í_($589.00)í«í_Learn more.

Available for instant download, the Information Security Compliance Toolkit (ISCT) comes complete with the following eight (8) sections:

  • Section I: Information Security Policy and Procedures Manual. Every small business needs a comprehensive information security manual, one complete with dozens of policies and procedures for ensuring I.T. best practices are in place, while also meeting growing regulatory compliance mandates. The Information Security Policy and Procedures Manual for Small Businesses comes complete with over 100 + pages of professionally developed, industry leading security documentation thatäóÁ—Ès truly second to none. í«í_
  • Section II: Security Awareness Training PowerPoint (PPT) Presentation and Employee Quiz. Educating employees and workforce members on essential security issues, threats, challenges äóÁí_íÍ and best practices äóÁí_íÍ is now easier than ever with our in-depth PowerPoint (PPT) Presentation that include over 100 + slides of professionally developed material. Whatever your security awareness training needs are äóÁí_íÍ from PCI DSS to HIPAA, and more äóÁí_íÍ the Security Awareness Training PowerPoint (PPT) Presentation delivers in a big way. Additionally, youäóÁ—Èll also receive a 30 question quiz for testing employeesäóÁ—È knowledge on critical security topics. í«í_
  • Section III: Security Awareness Handbook for Employees. In todayäóÁ—Ès world of growing cyber security threats and challenges, employees need a comprehensive, in-depth and high-quality reference manual for providing insight and guidance on critical security topics. And thatäóÁ—Ès exactly what the Security Awareness Handbook for Employees offers, a 65 + page document offering a laundry list of tips, advice, and guidance on the broader subject of information security. í«í_
  • Section IV: Information Systems Provisioning and Hardening Checklists. í«í_Now more than ever, itäóÁ—Ès critically important to properly secure all of your information system assets, from essential network devices (routers and firewalls) to operating systems, and much more. The Information Systems Provisioning and Hardening Checklists included within the industry leading toolkit contains approximately 200í«í_pagesí«í_of vendor specific forms for ensuring your systems are safe and secure at all times.í«í_
  • Section V: Risk Management & Risk Assessment Policies and Template. Assessing risk within an organization äóÁí_íÍ regardless of industry, size, or location, is becoming a must in todayäóÁ—Ès growing world of regulatory compliance. Yet even without compliance mandates, undertaking annual risk management initiatives just makes sense from a best practices perspective. í«í_The Information Security Compliance Toolkit (ISCT) includes an in-depth, professionally developed Risk Management Policy and Procedures template, along with a comprehensive risk assessment template. Additionally, the policy document, along with the template, can be used for any of todayäóÁ—Ès well-known compliance initiatives, such as HIPAA, PCI DSS, and more. í«í_
  • Section VI: Fraud Policy and Procedure Manual. í«í_From petty larceny crimes to falsified financial statement reporting, cyber theft, and more, fraudulent activities are alive and well, being played out every day and costing businesses billions of dollars each year. The seriousness of fraud itself along with the need for organizations to have a clearly defined plan of action for fighting fraud resulted in our award winning, 101 page Fraud Policy and Procedure Manual. í«í_
  • Section VII: Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning (BCDRP) Documentation. í«í_The comprehensive BCDRP documentation includes all critical policies, procedures, and supporting initiatives for allowing organizations to properly plan and respond to adverse incidents and catastrophic events. í«í_Authored by former military and current cyber security experts, itäóÁ—Ès a very well-written, 42 page document thatäóÁ—Ès an absolute must-have in todayäóÁ—Ès world. í«í_
  • Section VIII: Packet of Additional Information Security Policy Templates, Supporting Forms & Checklists. í«í_Along with the comprehensive policy manual contained in Section I, the Information Security Compliance Toolkit (ISCT) also comes complete with the following twenty-five (25) highly essential security and operational documents that every business needs.í«í_
    • Access Control
    • Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware
    • Asset Inventory
    • Change Control | Change Management
    • Configuration Management
    • Data and Information Classification
    • Data Backup and Recovery
    • Database Policy
    • Encryption & Key Management
    • Firewall Policyí«í_
    • Fraud Policy
    • Incident Response
    • Internet Usage Policy
    • Personally Identifiable Information
    • Remote Access Policy
    • Removable Media Policy
    • Security and Patch Management
    • Social Media
    • Software Development Life Cycle
    • Vendor Management
    • Virtualization Policy
    • Vulnerability Management
    • Web Server Security Policy
    • Wireless Securityí«í_
    • Workstation Security

Viewí«í_sample information security documentsí«í_today from the Information Security Compliance Toolkit (ISCT)í«í_and you'll see how incredibly in-depth and high-quality all of the templates are.


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