Fraud Policy and Procedures Manual

The Fraud Policy and Procedures Manual was developed by a highly skilled team of auditors who have spent years dedicated to the cause of detecting and preventing fraud. From petty larceny crimes to falsified financial statement reporting, fraudulent activities are alive and well, being played out everyday and costing businesses billions of dollars each year. The seriousness of fraud itself along with the need for organizations to have a clearly defined plan of action for fighting fraud resulted in developing the Fraud Policy and Procedure Manual.

By no means was this an overnight process, rather it brought together years of fraud fighting experience, coupled with the ability to aggregate all of the most important issues regarding fraud that made this document possible. í«í_Fraud, in its many variants, can strike at anytime within any organization. The Fraud Policy and Procedure Manual will provide your organization with an industry leading document that can be customized to your exact needs for fighting fraud. In it, youäóÁ—Èll find helpful resources for identifying and understanding fraud, a fraud detection and prevention framework based on industry leading internal controls, along with many other valuable resources. í«í_Learn more about our industry leading documentation today!

Length:í«í_100 pages.

Format:í«í_Microsoft Word Document.

Table of Contents: View Now.

Topics Covered:

  • äó¢íšíóExamples of Common Fraudulent Schemes
  • Resources for Understanding, Identifying, and Reporting Fraud
  • Resources for Understanding, Identify,and Reporting Fraud Outside North America
  • Laws and Legislation Concerning Fraud
  • Types of Fraud
  • Fraud Detection and Prevention
  • Internal Control Framework for Fighting Fraud
  • Fraud Awareness Training Program
  • Reporting and Responding to Fraud
  • Investigating Fraud and Notifying Relevant Parties
  • Asset Recovery
  • Lessons Learned
  • and more!

This documentí«í_is justí«í_one of the hundredsí«í_of operational, business specific, and I.T. policies, procedures, forms, checklists, templates, provisioning and hardening material - and more - available for immediate download from, the global leader in information security documentation. í«í_Viewí«í_sample information security documentsí«í_today and you'll see how incredibly in-depth and high-quality all of the templates are.



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