Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning (BCDRP) Template - General Use

The Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning (BCDRP) document, which is an absolute requirement for today's growing regulatory compliance mandates. í«í_Professionally developed, this extremely well-written, 52 page, HIPAA manual is very easy-to-use, customize and implement. í«í_It's a must-have document for ensuring that all types of businessesí«í_have properly planned for any unforeseen disasters and emergencies. í«í_The Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning (BCDRP) document from securitypoliciesonline.comí«í_has been exhaustively researched and developed by industry leading information security, compliance, and healthcare professionals, resulting in aí«í_world-class documentí«í_that's essential to the viability of any organization. Price:í«í_($149.99)

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning (BCDRP) refers to an organizationäóÁ—Ès ability to effectively plan and recover from a disaster and/or unexpected event, ultimately resuming operations as necessary. While there are numerous terms and phrases that encompass the broader subject of BCDRP, with countless numbers of organizations, industry associations, and best practices advocated, they all essentially illustrate a consistent theme, which is properly planning for the unexpected and hoping to recover as quickly and comprehensively as possible. í«í_Viewí«í_sample documentsí«í_from the BCDRP manual now!

Document Length:í«í_52í«í_pages.

File Format:í«í_Microsoft Word

Topics Covered:

  • Critical Business Information
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recover Planning (BCDRP) Personnel
  • Additional Personnel
  • Meeting Information
  • Potential Hazards
  • Critical Organizational Assets - Information Systems
  • Organizational Assets Matrix
  • Critical Organization Assets äóÁí_íÍ Prioritization of Critical Applications and Data
  • Critical Organizational Assets äóÁí_íÍ Personnel
  • Critical Organizational Assets äóÁí_íÍ Facilities
  • Critical Organizational Assets äóÁí_íÍ Equipment
  • Critical Organizational Assets äóÁí_íÍ Other
  • Critical Operations
  • Critical Third Party Entities
  • Data Recovery Initiatives
  • Alternate Locations
  • Critical Recovery Location Supplies List
  • Miscellaneous Recovery Location Supplies List
  • Employees and Workforce Members Notification Procedures
  • Testing Procedures
  • Insurance Information
  • Appendix A: Emergency Mode Operation Plan
  • Appendix B: Testing and Revision Procedures
  • Appendix C: Applications and Data Criticality Analysis
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